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Ebobea Book Awards

Fatou Diome

NoteBook : Marianne porte plainte

Print length : 144 pages

Publication date : March 16, 2017


Get to know Fatou!

Fatou Diome, from Sénégal, arrived in France in 1994 and later arrived
Strasbourg. This is the author of a collection of novels, La Préférence
nationale (2001), also of several novels: Le Ventre de l'Atlantique (2003), Kétala
(2006), Inassouvies nos vies (2008), Celles qui attendent (2010), Mauve (2010)
and Impossible de grandir (2013). In 2017, she publishes the collection  "Café Voltaire".

​​By Flammarion Marianne Porte plainte After the publication of his collection of
short novels, La Préférence nationale (2001), is novel Le ventre de l'Atlantique
(2003) acquired great international recognition. His work focuses mainly on
the issues of immigration in France and the relations between France and the
African continent. At the age of 22, she fell in love with a Frenchman, got married
and decided to follow him to Strasbourg (France) in 1994.​ Fatou was rejected
by her  husband's family and divorced two years later, leaving her in a difficult
situation as an immigrant.

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